Monday, August 8, 2011

Just as we were once nomads clad in bearskin

Just as we were once nomads clad in bearskin

 Sara Elisabeth

 Scott Ibex
Copyright 2006

In a land before time,
prancing through the fields of tomorrow,
coming together in a union of bliss—

Looking for answers,
when the space between us,
held the only truth we sought in jest.

     Slowly it comes, slowly it comes—

Beauty, will you still be here?
Beauty, will you awake?
Beauty, will you remember?
Beauty, what did you take?

Time stood still and
magic unveiled
a sightly clue
to this telling tale.

And what became
refrained refrain:
   It was mystery’s answer to destiny’s claim.

Déjà vu, two lakes, too soon, two moons,
and sevens were strewn throughout—

Could it be so,
the answer in tow,
begot what beget those in doubt?

What would become,
and what became—
was a lull within which sweet fortune
      was tempted to fall—

  but surely not!

Truth remained hope,
hope remained bare,
    and in hope was placed,
        integrity fair.

Just as we were once nomads clad in bearskin at night—
throughout my life,
        all the faith and care,
                        forever my love, with you I will share.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Low-Budget Rockstar Project

The Low-Budget Rockstar Project: Empowering Independent Musicians One Artist at a Time

Dear Readers,

The Low-Budget Rockstar project was conceived before my initial 3 month national tour in the fall of 2006. I had just obtained my law degree and a record contract offer from a label affiliated with some of the biggest companies in the music business. I wanted to be a professional musician with all my heart and soul, yet, when I analyzed the record contract from a legal standpoint I was disappointed. Despite executive promises that I would make millions of dollars, the contract reflected very little interest in my professional development and not a lot of respect for my financial needs either. I decided the best thing for an ambitious artist like me was to own my original music and build a business around it.

After self-booking, arranging, and successfully completing my first tour I began to write an easy to follow step-by-step guidebook from the perspective of a working musician and with the precision of a lawyer. My goal was to help like-minded aspiring artists learn to book and complete their own national tours.
As I added to the book I completed multiple tours. My experience grew and I earned thousands of dollars more per tour doing what I loved: playing music. I also interviewed famous touring artists, presented music business seminars around the country, and continued to incorporate new technological advances into my teachings to make the art of tour building as economical and practical as possible for all my students.

In 2011, the Low-Budget Rockstar project, which started as a simple and ethical idea to empower hard-working and talented musicians, has blossomed into a multi-tiered educational system that enables artists to succeed in the competitive live music business.

My years of work, legal expertise, professional sales skills, passion for educating, and business experience have coalesced in this volume for one purpose: to help you build a career as a professional performing artist. Please take advantage of it by purchasing your copy today and do spread the word. The world needs as many successful professional musicians as it can hold.

Scott Ibex, J.D. and National Touring Artist